VIP and Elite Services

Invite your top executives and frequent travelers to experience exceptional service using our VIP and Elite VIP services.  Our highly trained agents focus on the unique needs of VIP travelers and position your agency in the most favorable light.  We are happy to help you pamper your very best clients.

VIP Service

  • High priority call routing and enhanced level of services for your top travelers
  • Special phone number for VIP travelers
  • Specific account training

Elite VIP Services

  • Highest call priority for select individual travels in your account base (i.e. CEO, CFO, COO etc.)
  • Exclusive individual personal phone number
  • Traveler name used in greeting
  • Specific Account Training - specialized training provided on account
  • Exclusive agent team with twelve or more years’ experience
  • UFIN number – a unique number that works worldwide

Elite VIP Call Back Feature

Our call feature allows your clients to reserve their spot in line from anywhere in the world.  No need to wait on the phone and lose their place in queue. When their call is delivered to an agent, they are automatically contacted so their request can be handled.

Give your Executive clients an elevated level of service by signing your agency up for our agent24 VIP service!  

The agent24 Advantage

agent24 Products and Services

After-hours Servicesmore_vert
After-hours Servicesclose

You need a partner you can trust with the most important part of your business—your customer. We proudly represent your brand and help you cultivate and maintain loyal happy customers. As one of the most trusted worldwide travel services providers, we’ll treat your clients like you would, 24 hours a day. 

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VIP and Elite Servicesmore_vert
VIP and Elite Servicesclose

Our highly experienced travel agents provide personalized, attentive service that helps your clients breathe easier while on the road -- whenever and wherever they are traveling. We’re there for them when you can’t be.

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Trip Disruption Servicesmore_vert
Trip Disruption Servicesclose

We proactively look for and manage trip disruptions and traveler risk scenarios to ensure your travelers always have options while on the road

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