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Our service is legendary but our technology is pretty cool too.

To provide unparalleled service to your clients, agent24 works diligently to stay on the cusp of emerging travel technologies. We are setting new standards of excellence in agency support services.

agent24 has invested significantly in developing advanced technology platforms by using our own proprietary software and partnering with the most innovative technology companies in the world.

How does our technology benefit you and your clients?

  • Advanced Skills Based Call Routing Options – Routes callers to the right agent with the right skill set.
  • Intelligent Call Routing Systems – The system calculates the quickest way to route and answer calls.
  • Detailed Analysis and Reporting – Provides you with detailed performance and billing information.
  • Digital Call Recording - Ensures adherence to policies streamlines dispute resolution and provides an excellent forum for call monitoring and training.
  • Screen Pop Technology – Allows our agent team to know who is calling (agency name, PCC, SID  or office ID and GDS) before the call is answered and the system provides in-depth detail of their account policies and requirements
  • INI Sure Connect™ -  Provides callers an alternative to waiting on hold time by allowing them to request a callback from the next available agent or schedule one for a later time. (Exclusively available to VIP and Elite VIP travelers)
  • Virtual Contact Center Infrastructure - Allows agent24 contact centers to interact with each other to serve customers faster and more efficiently.
  • We Work With All Major GDS Providers - Sabre, Worldspan, Apollo, Galileo, and Amadeus

Avaya Aura

agent24’s technology infrastructure is designed with redundancy and failover capabilities throughout our platforms.

agent24 uses the Avaya Aura® Communications Manager call processing system to create solutions that virtualize its contact centers.  At the same time, agent24 manages skills-based routing technology. Based on the customer’s requirements, this technology directs travelers to the right agent using the interactive voice response (IVR) system.

agent24’s all-encompassing platforms provide telephony Integration (CTI), custom on-hold messaging, web-based reporting, remote monitoring, call recording and VOIP.

Always researching new opportunities
Close collaboration between agent24 technology and operations teams bring new and innovative solutions to our multiple service platforms.   We adapt to your requirements to simplify connections between our businesses allowing us to deliver outstanding customer service.

Security and PCI Compliance
We are fully PCI-compliant and observe all rules pertaining to sending and receiving credit card information and customer data. Our network equipment and carrier services are configured for high availability to ensure redundancy and very high uptimes.

agent24 recently invested over 1.5 million dollars in upgrading our already advanced Customer Experience Management technology.

Contact Center Elite
The Most Widely Used Contact Center Solution in the World

What that means for you and your clients.

With intelligent routing and resource selection features, calls can be directed to the least busy agent, the first available agent, or the agent with skills that best match your customer’s needs.

Screen pop data and contact intelligence allows agents to pull up your organization and traveler information in real-time across the enterprise.  This helps to personalize and enhance the customer experience for your travelers.  The virtual contact center infrastructure, which makes multiple agent24 contact centers appear like one center to customers, has enabled agent24 to serve customers faster and more efficiently. This is achieved by providing pools of agents to handle customer calls across each contact center.

Virtual agent capabilities permit us to work in multiple time-zones allowing us to always be ready to assist your travelers. The system’s skills-based routing function ensures the most skilled agent receives the appropriate call. For example, a call from a customer who expects preferential treatment would automatically be routed to a contact center agent with a high skill level.

Avaya Aura® Experience Portal is Avaya’s multichannel application platform that helps agent24 unify and orchestrate a highly satisfying experience for your clients. Whether it’s engaging your customers via mobile, voice, email, or via our advanced call back service Experience Portal provides your travelers with a variety of contact options.

With Avaya Aura®Workforce Optimization we unite all relevant data from our contact center, back-office, and the wider enterprise under one, integrated platform. This enables us to correlate, share, and use information to make informed decisions faster.  The system optimizes agent scheduling based on historic patterns.  This functionality allows us to maintain the right staffing level to service your accounts so that you are known for a superior customer experience.

The agent24 Advantage

agent24 Products and Services

VIP and Elite Servicesmore_vert
VIP and Elite Servicesclose

Our highly experienced travel agents provide personalized, attentive service that helps your clients breathe easier while on the road -- whenever and wherever they are traveling. We’re there for them when you can’t be.

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Trip Disruption Servicesmore_vert
Trip Disruption Servicesclose

We proactively look for and manage trip disruptions and traveler risk scenarios to ensure your travelers always have options while on the road

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Email Monitoringmore_vert
Email Monitoringclose

We can help you meet and exceed the expectations of your clients, with accurate and professional email monitoring when your agency is closed.  Utilizing this new service, will reinforce your brand image with current clients and can help with new client acquisition down the road.

Email monitoring gives your client’s the ability to create, modify, or cancel travel reservations from anywhere in the world. 

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